Is Illness Explorer for me? Making decisions about Illness Explorer

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a17The first part of Illness Explorer provides a great deal of information and education.

We offer more examples of how personal story can trigger diseases, and keep them going.

We explain the fascinating links between story and the development of disease.

We show how working out the connections between our stories and our illnesses can lead to recovery or reduction of symptoms.

The first part of Illness Explorer is to help you decide if the program is for you.

The second part allows you to work in depth on your story and your health problem.

fIllness Explorer is a journey program and it is built to allow you to take breaks and rests, and then return to it again when you are ready.

It involves work at and away from your computer. It comprises prompts to self-awareness, tasks, and exercises aimed at helping you discover the connections between your story and your symptoms.

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