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The wholeperson-centred treatment approach

Seven features that make our approach new and unique in modern healthcare

  1. We believe in wholes. All of us, and all patients with diseases, are WHOLES and must be treated as Wholes.
  2. Physical disease is not separate from the person as a whole. We have a WHOLE PERSON treatment approach.
  3. To access the whole we ask for, and listen to, the patient’s STORY.
  4. As the STORY emerges, connections between the illness and the story can be discovered.
  5. We offer exploration of Story along with any relevant standard medical treatment and both happen together from the beginning.
  6. All clinicians should see persons as wholes , talking and behaving towards them as wholes.
  7. All clinicians should expect and respond to stories in some way as part of normal practice.

Latest Stories

 by practising clinicians

Forging Stories

by Brian Broom
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I gave it my best shot

by Brian Broom
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Finding meanings of illness in dark times

by Brian Broom
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What is Wholeperson Healthcare?
Could knowing my story help with a physical problem?

Have a look at the first half of Illness Explorer, which gives lots of information on this question.

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PATIENTS: How to find the Story
CLINICIANS: How to listen for a story
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  • Disclaimer: The Whole Person Healthcare site information is constructed by clinicians working in conventional health disciplines and who use ordinary everyday healthcare treatments. The information is provided to enable patients and other clinicians to include any ‘story’ and life experience factors involved in triggering and perpetuating illness along with normal medical and other healthcare. It is the responsibility of each reader to make sure they are seeking and making full and appropriate use of normal healthcare resources along with whatever they find helpful here.

Illness Explorer

A guided journey for learning about Whole Person Healthcare.

Reflective Pieces

November 9, 2022
Forging Stories

What really counts is the heart of a story. We forge our own stories into ‘wholes’ by choosing particular and special details, linking them together in the ‘present moment.’

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March 6, 2020
The Person-Centred Upholsterer

I discovered him by internet search--someone purporting to customise chairs for people with back problems. This sounded promising. I had fractured a vertebra six months previously, and sitting, chairs and pain had become wrestling partners. So I called him up the next day during normal office hours. He clearly wasn’t ready for customers; his name […]

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March 2, 2020
How do we find colour in the clinical encounter?

It is difficult manoeuvering in the normative healthcare space, which, typically, is constructed and confined by questions and answers. It is difficult to find room for my whole person-oriented language, to find a whole person space for the patient and me to occupy, and into which the storied metaphors of our human suffering and complexity […]

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