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Miscellaneous videos about and by Dr Brian Broom.

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Maclaurin Chapel Winter Series: “God and Healing”

Dr Brian Broom presents the third of the Winter Lecture Series 2018 on God and Healing. His talk is “Whole-Person Healing: Reflections on the roles of story, meaning, relationship and loving kindness in healing and healthcare.”

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MindBody Symposium 2018

In July 2018 The MindBody Trust of New Zealand convened a one day Public Symposium and Discussion, in Auckland , New Zealand, to explore the possibilities of expanding the important concept of Whole Person-Centred Healthcare. Eight speakers, chosen for their enterprise and energies relevant to this, were asked to communicate their work, vision and ideas in 10 minute talks.

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Online MindBody Gathering 2020: “Listening”

Presentation by Marlies Dorrestein, supported by MC Dr Karen Lindsay and Wholeperson Healthcare colleagues. 

“Listening: how do we listen, what do we listen for, in what way do our personal and professional background shape our listening and how do we respond to what we hear?”

Watch it here


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