About the MindBody Network

The MindBody Network is a New Zealand nationwide group of clinicians (working in many disciplines) operating under the auspices of the New Zealand MindBody Trust (2004).

The Purposes of the Trust:


The term MindBody is shorthand for the concept that mental, physical, family, societal, and cultural dimensions play important roles in the maintenance of wellness and in the emergence of illness and disease. (More recently the network has used Whole Person Healthcare terminology in preference to MindBody Healthcare to emphasise both the original principles and also that persons are wholes).


a) To establish and provide an active network consisting of health practitioners, academics and other appropriate citizens who have a significant contribution to make to the MindBody approach.

b) To promote awareness in the general public of the MindBody aspects of wellness, health, illness and disease. To promote in New Zealand a general societal impetus for better care for the public and to establish MindBody approaches as an important and necessary component in working with people in a healing capacity.

c) To encourage competence among the practitioners by providing education and training in requisite MindBody skills.

d) To establish and provide a vehicle and venue for New Zealand practitioners to present their MindBody approaches to colleagues. To encourage the exchange of and seeding of new ideas, thus creating a supportive environment as practitioners extend their vision.

e) The Trust will embody several values important to the multidimensional nature of the MindBody concept:

i) the Trust and its activities will usually be interdisciplinary, though may have more restricted disciplinary activities from time to time as needed.

ii) the Trust will encourage love and tolerance, openness to difference, intellectual and clinical rigor, freedom to discuss, debate, and critique, and emphasise exploration and discovery.

iii) the fundamental focus will generally be in the framework of illness, disease, wellness, and healthcare.

f) To do all things that are in the opinion of the Trust incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Trust as stated in this deed.

g) To raise and employ funds for any purpose authorised by these objects.