Choosing a Route

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iYou may be a person who likes to get on with things.

You know that diseases are somehow tied up with life’s meanings and happenings.

If so, you can proceed quickly by following the MAIN ROUTE.  The MAIN ROUTE takes you quickly to the practical aspects of Illness Explorer.

But you may be less sure about the connections between your story and your health problems and would like to check things out.  If so, you can take your time and follow some SCENIC ROUTES which will always bring you back to the MAIN ROUTE where you left it. The scenic routes can be explored at any stage, though we suggest you pick them up as we suggest them along the MAIN ROUTE.


  1. Scenic Route One: The Methods
  2. Scenic Route Two: Limits of modern medicine / medical models
  3. Scenic Route Three: Seeing persons as wholes / The concept of I Am-ness

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