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Dr Karen LindsayA series of podcasts featuring Dr Karen Lindsay and invited guests.

Episode 1 - "When the drugs don't work"

In this our first podcast I interview Dr Brian Broom, immunologist, and psychotherapist. I play the devil's advocate - "what exactly is a Mindbody Whole Person approach for someone with no idea?" - and I bring in some pointed questions about the feasibility of this in a hospital setting in medicine; ways which I have been challenged myself by medical peers; lack of skills; lack of time; or the clinicians having a dualistic paradigm.

  • 21:00 he discusses a patients meaningful story with chronic migraine. We discuss how taking a whole person approach can improve chronic symptoms whether they are responsive to drug treatments or not;
  • 27:00 we discuss the place of researching stories in medicine.
  • 29:00 is it unethical not to ask what’s the story
  • 32:00 peer pressure; do clinicians who see whole persons feel like they even belong in biomedicine
  • 33:00 another case of severe asthma with a shifting severity related to story factors
  • 36:00 it’s not either / or it’s both biomedicine and treating the whole person
  • 38:00 another case discussed of management of chronic urticaria that improved with a whole person approach
  • 42:00 the absolute need for doctors to ‘do something’ may preclude the healing potential of the situation
  • 44:00 what is it that makes us slide past the obvious story factors when meeting a patient? Both doctors and patients seem able to avoid emotional pain.
  • 48:00 The relational dimension of healing in whole person healthcare. When we say whole person healthcare, we mean much much more.

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