How long will it take?

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The flippant (and serious) answer is:  “How long is a journey?”

Though we all have a lot in common we are all quite unique. There is no time limit or preferred speed through the material.  Some people will move very quickly and others very slowly.

We find that many people just need to start to make clear connections between their ‘story’ and their symptoms and thereafter they need very little help.  In fact in this group symptoms may disappear over a few days.


The woman with a 5 year history of a rash on the face.  The problem was revealed when she said she was keeping a “brave face” on her husband’s severe depression.  One hour’s discussion about her feelings with me a week later was sufficient to see the end of the rash.

Weeks or Months

Some people need to work at it more systematically.  Many of our patients have got better over weeks or a few months


A woman who had severe hives (itchy skin rash, welts and swelling) which turned out to be very clearly connected to major childhood trauma and parental infidelity, and entrenched feelings that she had betrayed her father.

Her physical symptoms disappeared after several months of work with me but it took her several years to work through all the issues behind the illness.

Some people need an ‘on the spot’ clinician to help them. ” content=”You may be seeing someone now. If you are seeing a doctor, counselor, therapist, psychologist, analyst, physiotherapist, minister, pastor who has good skills and is open to ‘whole’ person approaches, and is sympathetic to the idea that health problems may be more than just biological accident, then you might consider asking them to see Illness Explorer and accompany you on the journey through the zones.

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