Are there any risks?

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Self-awareness always brings some risks!


It is possible that as the emphasis comes off your physical symptoms the underlying issues could be expressed differently, perhaps as depression.

In our experience this is not at all common because as you work on your feelings any depression tends to be helped as well.  Nevertheless it is possible and if you are significantly depressed, or you are getting more depressed, or you have feelings towards suicide, then you need to seek help directly from a suitable professional.

This is your responsibility.

a30Could my physical symptoms worsen?

This is something that does not seem to happen in our practice though we are on the watch for it.

If you have a serious physical illness you should be having it monitored by your physician.

Illness Explorer is offered alongside your usual treatments.  In our hands it may at times be a much more effective way of managing an illness, but at all times we or the patient’s medical practitioner monitor the health problem in the normal physical ways.

You need to ensure this happens for you where relevant.


Right at the center of our lives are all the things that happen to us in relationship.  As you go on this journey in this programme you will probably discover some feelings which will have implications for your relationships with all sorts of people.  We see that as healthy.

Some physical symptoms reflect relationship patterns and struggles which we may be quite unaware of.  There is some chance of a period of turmoil in your relationships. At the simple end of the spectrum you may get hold of feelings which you then express appropriately in your relationships, and they resolve rather quickly. At the other end you may uncover very uncomfortable feelings which challenge the relationship immensely. Physical illness CAN be a way of avoiding such matters; of burying these feelings.

Conceivably, you could be faced with two extremes – either ILLNESS-PLUS-STABLE-RELATIONSHIP or HEALTH-PLUS-BROKEN-RELATIONSHIP. Well, we don’t like to see the options as limited as that. We encourage people to health by working through their feelings and working on their relationships. Be wise! Consider repairing your body and your relationships.


Illness Explorer is a self-help software program. It is based on principles and tools which many people with health problems have found helpful.  You are responsible for using it appropriately and wisely.

The program does not offer diagnosis, treatment or advice specific to individual patients.  Dr Broom does not offer personal care to individual patients through Illness Explorer.

Illness Explorer should always be used in conjunction with proper medical diagnosis and consideration of other medical treatments, and this is your responsibility. We strongly urge you to read our Terms & Conditions of Use carefully if you wish to embark on the second half of the program which helps you explore your illness.

You are welcome to give feed-back via the Contact button and to make suggestions for changes to Illness Explorer, but we cannot enter into any individual clinical discussions with patients. Illness Explorer is offered as a resource which you may use on your own or in collaboration with your local clinicians and therapists.

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