What is Illness Explorer based on?

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Dr Brian Broom

Illness Explorer is based on the idea that many health problems have very important meanings, and that learning about such meanings, and dealing with them, can help healing. It provides a guided journey so that you can systematically tackle the connections between your story and your health problem.

The tools provided here have been pioneered by Dr Brian Broom, Consultant Physician, Psychotherapist, and Adjunct Professor in MindBody Healthcare, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand. He has developed an effective whole person approach which has been used successfully by many patients with remarkable success. Descriptions of the approach have been published in three books, and in diverse medical journal articles (see Publications page).


Illness Explorer allows you to embark on a self-help journey, at your own pace.


It can be done alongside any other therapy or treatment you are having. It is not meant to replace other good treatments. Many health problems, illnesses, and diseases respond well to drugs, surgery, and other technologies. Many are best dealt with that way.

So make sure you get good medical diagnosis, and whatever other good treatments there are available for your condition.  Illness Explorer may make all the difference, but because we cannot offer you personal diagnosis and personal medical treatments, we are offering Illness Explorer to you as a tool for you to use along with other treatment avenues.

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