Things which could make the process hard

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a25Believing in the Connections

It will be hard if you do not really believe that there can be powerful connections between our physical and our emotional functioning.

Some people tend to hold mind and body well apart.

We hope our ‘stories’ and explanations help.

Maybe you should check out more of the Scenic Routes.

a26Lack of Support

It can be hard if your doctor or other professionals or your family and friends discount the mind/body connections and scoff at what you are doing.

Try and remember that health professionals are often trained to have a narrow view of your illness.  That doesn’t stop you having a wider view.  The best way to treat illness is by using the strengths of all vantage points.

For instance, if you have bowel pain then your doctor, surgeon or gastroenterologist has a valuable contribution to make.  But if they find nothing then it makes sense to take another approach.

gMotivation and Energy

Do you have motivation and energy for your own journey?

It is quite new for some that they can take charge of their health-that in a real sense they are their own expert especially in this area of personal ‘story’ and disease.

If you are depressed it can be difficult to find the requisite energy.  Have you consulted your doctor regarding getting some help for this?

Many people battling depression find a combined approach of taking antidepressant medication for a limited time, plus working on their ‘story’, the best way.  It is hard to feel hopeful about progress when depression-related feelings of hopelessness dominate.

a28Intense Feelings

Some people have had very difficult experiences and harbour some very powerful emotions underneath their physical symptoms.

If you are struggling with powerful feelings as you do this work try and find someone to help you and support you.

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