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A very simple example of what we mean by the importance of personal story in health problems.

For 5 years a 36 year old woman has suffered a severe rash on her face. It has resisted all treatments. When asked what was the most difficult thing which happened in her life over the previous 6 or 7 years she mentions her husband’s depression.

At the time she was seen his depression was improved but still a problem. When asked how all this had affected her, she shrugged it off saying: “Oh, I keep a brave face on it.”

Her attention was drawn to the fact that she had a rash on the face, and that she was keeping a ‘brave face’ on her husband’s depression.

She was skeptical at the suggestion that there might be a connection, but agreed to spend an hour talking about it.

Following this session in which she talked about her feelings around his depression the rash subsided.

You may be thinking, understandably, that it cannot be that simple, but for this woman it was.

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