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“It is not possible for the clinicians supporting this site to provide specific clinical advice to individual patients. If you submit a question or comment we may (if appropriate) be able to respond in general terms within this blog. Any answer will be visible to all readers, who may also find it helpful. The Whole Person Healthcare site information is constructed by clinicians working in conventional health disciplines and who use ordinary everyday healthcare treatments. The information is provided to enable patients and other clinicians to include any ‘story’ and life experience factors involved in triggering and perpetuating illness along with normal medical and other healthcare. It is the responsibility of each reader to make sure they are seeking and making full and appropriate use of normal healthcare resources along with whatever they find helpful here.”
February 2, 2023
Do not invent anything

Dear Friends and colleagues As I begin 2023, I am thinking of all the like-minded colleagues around the world, known to me or not, who are on a journey of exploration, discovering what it means in practice to be a ‘whole person-centred’ clinician. There is a recurring question in this: ‘Why is it so difficult […]

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November 9, 2022
Forging Stories

What really counts is the heart of a story. We forge our own stories into ‘wholes’ by choosing particular and special details, linking them together in the ‘present moment.’

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May 16, 2022
I gave it my best shot

Recently I lunched with a younger physician colleague, who is making a significant shift in career, in his forties. Like me, though somewhat differently, he has worked hard at showing, persuading, promoting what can be done when what I call a ‘whole person-centred’ or ‘mindbody’ approach is applied to physical disease, or when we re-focus […]

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May 5, 2022
Finding meanings of illness in dark times

The Covid-19 pandemic has provoked much discussion regarding the meanings of this huge global event. The New Zealand Christians in Science organisation invited Brian Broom to speak on “Finding meaning in disease”. This video comprises his talk and his responses to the many questions coming from the audience

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